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Overcoming the difficult challenge of starting a research institute with people.

As with all startups, there were many obstacles in the challenge of CEO Kim Tae-young. Since its establishment in July 2019, it has not been the first time that the current corona crisis has put the brakes on attracting investment. However, Fuel Cell Labs was able to endure because it was the biggest competitive edge of Fuel Cell Labs that they were not afraid of challenges and continued to prove their existence through the development of new products. CEO Kim Tae-young said, “When trying to do something in a situation where there is nothing, I believe that if only the first wheel starts to turn well, eventually the last wheel is fixed. The first wheel of the company is to hire good employees and give them trust. I think my role is to be a helper who lifts obstacles and helps you to realize your dreams to your heart’s content. Everyone has a beginning and cannot control every situation, so trust in the employees is more important than anything else.” “We are a ‘one team’ that does not get frustrated even if there is only one person who believes in ‘me’ and ‘you’. It is,” he said, emphasizing that difficulties can be overcome as people. He also said, “Just as fuel cells can be created as wonderful products by harmonizing with high-tech industries, if we understand each other’s values ​​and clearly understand our weaknesses and limitations, we will grow into a wonderful company that ‘benefits mankind’. ” he added.

CEO Kim’s dream is simple and grand. He said that he always reads more than two hours a day, and that he wants to become a speaker by writing a book, because the joy and novelty he gets from communicating is the driving force of his life. He continued, ‘Changing the world is thinking a little differently,’ and he said, “Even as the world evolves, there are equally uncomfortable parts. Books and communication are a part of my life, because I can find out what I need each time and create a value of hundreds of billions of won.”

He said, “Even though TerraLIX(former Fuel Cell Labs) is still a startup, most of the consortiums we form work with large corporations or government-funded organizations, so there are benefits at the company level, but more importantly, thanks and appreciation for creating a growth environment through investment support. “To do this, we are making hardware now, but we will constantly combine software to create new business models.” He then showed his confident eyes, saying, “We will constantly prepare new technologies that will change the future and show them off in a breakthrough at the decisive moment.”